Is the ONLY way Essex?!?

Ok, now here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we love women and men who take care of themselves and are interested in their appearance. It's what we do...but...

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Botox Cosmetics... Is a cream 'better than botox'?

Can a face cream really be better than botox? If you believe the Daily Mail (which is a scary thought for us!) then there is a cream that is 'better than botox' for £10!

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Botox and Fillers - what is the difference?

This is a question we get asked many times from clients wishing to book in for treatments and many people confuse the two.

Botox is one of the brand names for a substance called botulinum toxin type A, an axtremely pure and dilute form originating from the botulism toxin (it is impossible to actually get botulism from botox!). This amazing little medicine is injected into the muscles responsible for wrinkling of the skin and causes them to 'rest' for around three months before new nerve endings grow, reawakening them again. 

The idea is to target the muscles which are causing wrinkling of the face resulting in smoothening and softening of these lines for a much more youthful complexion and appearance.

As with fillers, there are limitations as to where botox can be injected and as a general rule of thumb, botox tends to be used on the upper face and fillers on the lower face (some advanced treatments involve botox and/or fillers in other parts too).

Fillers on the other hand, are made from hyuralonic acid, a naturally occuring substance in the body. Sceintists have recreated and purified this substance in the lab to create a synthetic version, reducing the likelihood of an allergic reaction. The filler itself looks like a crystal clear thick gel and is also injected into the skin. However, muscles are not the target of this gel - wrinkles are. The gel is injected underneath the line of the wrinkle to lift and flatten it and also to replace lost volume in the skin such as in the cheeks or the lips.

The results from fillers are instant and improve further over a period of two weeks as the gel itself actually absorbs water and plumps up. Botox on the other hand, can take up to 21 days to show its full effects.

The main areas for filler are smile lines around the mouth and from the nose to the mouth, the jowls or marionette lines in the corner of the mouth and the smokers lines around the lips. The lips themselves can also be injected to define their outline or to plump them up replacing lost volume. The cheek bones and under the eye area (tear trough) can also be injected, again to replace lost volume. 

In addition, filler can be used in crows feet and vertical frown lines or almost any other line near the face except in the very fine and thin skin near/around the eyes. 

In comparison, botox is usually used in the vertical frown lines, crows feet and the horizontal lines on the forehead. More advanced treatments can include nasal flaring and lines, chin dimpling, a 'gummy' smile and wrinkles in the neck.

One of the ways to get the most amazing effect is to combine these treatments so that the whole face can be rejuvenated. In this way, a skilled practitioner such as Adam, our director and aesthetic nurse practitioner, can literally take years off you with some of our clients commenting that their result was "life changing stuff"

So which treatment is right for me?

Have a look through our growing gallery of 'before and after' pictures now and get in touch to book your FREE consultation! We will undertake a thorough assessment of your skin and identify those problem areas together and propose a personalised treatment plan to tackle those lines and rid you of those wrinkles!


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Introducing LIP FILLERS!!!

One of the most common requests from our clients is for lip fillers or lip 'augmentation' which basically means restoring lost volume and shape to the lips enhancing this focal point of the face!

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Botox Prices! Botox Prices! Botox Prices!

Here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we get asked about botox prices all the time.

However, in our honest opinion, price should not be the main factor for a client to consider when opting for a non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

In todays society of Groupon, Compare the Market and Money Supermarket we are almost forced to check every price and compare to everyone else to get the cheapest possible offer. However, looking at price alone does not give anyone an idea of value. 

What do we mean by this?

Well...price is a number. A quick google search can find practitioners offering cheap botox. But what are the risks? Why are they able to offer botox at that price? What happens if their company goes bust the day after your treatment and you have a question or issue? Does your treatment include routine follow up and review to ensure you get the results you were looking for? Do you have to chase the company for information? Do they answer all your questions? - if the answer is no then is it really worth the bargain price?

We believe value is in the service your receive. Part of this at Adam Williams Aesthetics is based on availability of advice and review from our nurses. You wont have to wait for once a month appointments and appointments can even be made in your own homes. This option is preferred by many of our clients, including some celebrity clients where privacy is very important.

We believe value is in experience and skill. Between the team members we have over 15 years of healthcare experience, training and clinical skills which we use in every day practice. That is why you won't find us offering 'bargain basement botox' because it's not sustainable, its not safe to incentivise people into having something they don't need and its not ethical.

We believe value is in the little things that count. These include our extensive knowledge of medicine and nursing, not just about botox. This includes our experience and skill set, constantly updating and learning. This includes our Harley Street background training where we only seek the best to train us in the skills we need for our clients comfort, safety and results.

Therefore ask yourself when you are searching for 'cheap botox'. Will I get the value of a knowledgeable, experienced, approachable practitioner such as those here at Adam Williams Aesthetics? Will I get the value of getting my questions answered? my fears allayed? 

Overall, its your face. Make the right choice and ensure you get the best results possible. 


Luscious Lips Obsession!?!

Here at Adam Williams Aesthetics, now that we're offering lip fillers we're becoming a little obsessed with them!

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Happy Birthday MADONNA!

In  other news...we would like to wish Madonna, our ULTIMATE icon a very happy birthday!

She looks AMAZING at 53! We wonder if she's had a little help? Either way>>>BEAUTIFUL!


(Image courtesy of Steven Klein for Dolce and Gabbana - no copyright infringement intended)

Compare the market?!

We've had an extremely busy weekend here at Adam Williams Aesthetics and our Pride offer has been very popular...

However, we were having a wander through Manchester city centre last week and though we would 'check out the competition'! We stumbled across a very well known large company offering botox and fillers with a large notice board outside offering 'free drop in consultations' - so we thought we'd drop in!

Myself and our creative director James were soon disappointed. After being unceremoniously buzzed in without greeting, we were inside the clinic waiting area. This in itself was impressive and clean, but we were soon to find out these drop in appointments were nothing of the sort.

After waiting around 10 minutes to speak to a receptionist we were informed that it would be mid to late September before we could actually book in for a consultation.

Not only this, their main practitioners (a nurse and a doctor), had not informed the clinic of their availability, so after a few flustered minutes with the receptionist we informed them we would call them...(we didn't!)

I think the reason I was compelled to write this is that if I was the client, and maybe wanted to get in touch with the practitioner post procedure with a query about a side effect for example, then this level of service would clearly be unacceptable.

Here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we pride ourselves on our consultation and after care. We couldn't be MORE contactable! We can also offer short notice clinic OR home visits and I think this is what truly sets us apart from some of the other clinics in our area. 

I believe that making the decision to have non-surgical treatments is a big one and we are here at every step to offer advice, support and aftercare for each step of the process.

Book in now with us and we will reassure you that not only will you receive excellent service, you will be very happy with your results and will want to return to us in the future for further care and treatments!


***Manchester PRIDE 2011 Special Offer!***

It's that time of year again where PRIDE fever hits the UK and Manchester is no exception with one of the biggest Pride events in the country!

But for us, Pride = discounts!

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Do your hands let you down? Tell tale ageing signs - part 2

In our second tell tale ageing signs article we consider the hands...

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